Guest Post: How to take care of aging feet

Aging feetIt’s been a really cold and really long winter.  Everyone wants to get out and enjoy some of that sunshine! However, it is very important, especially in the senior population to make sure those feet are ready to spring into action.  Here are some simple tips to help keep your feet healthy, avoid falls, and to improve your quality of life.

It’s very important to practice good foot care.  Check feet regularly.  If you see or feel a problem see your podiatrist right away.  Most foot problems can be fixed or alleviated.

Senior Foot Care Tips:

  • Make sure to keep the blood circulating to feet as much as possible.  Put your feet up when sitting or lying.  Stretch your feet and ankles if you have been sitting for a long time. Try walking, gently massage your feet, or soaking feet in a warm foot bath to get the blood flowing to avoid cramps, sores, and blood clots.
  • Make sure shoes are comfortable and the right style based on activity.  Walkers should wear good walking shoes.  Avoid shoes that don’t fit right and put pressure on feet in all the wrong places.
  • Avoid exposing feet to extreme temperatures.  Feet can get a very bad sunburn on the tops depending on the shoe.  And sorry to say, flip flops are a no no at any age!
  • Before going out and doing any type of exercise make sure to be well rested, take medications, and be sure to have any type of necessary devices like a walker or a cane available.

Put your best foot forward and don’t  try to over do it.  We have many summer months ahead to enjoy this beautiful weather!

Author Information:

Karen Swisher, Hone Podiatric Care LLC