Guest Post: Ways To Make Your Home More Comfortable For Caregiving

caregiversAs a caregiver myself, I know that being a caregiver can be very rewarding. However, it also involves a great deal of challenges and emotional ups and downs that must be dealt with in an understanding way.

Caregiving is a loving and selfless act, and it is okay to recognize that is isn’t always easy. While hard at times, there are ways to make your home, and life, more comfortable as a caregiver. Adjusting your home to the new way of life that caregiving will bring can certainly makes the transition easier.Start slowly & incorporate these tips into your life as a caregiver.

Stress Reducing Tips For Caregivers:

1) Acknowledge your feelings. Many people in the position of caregivers think that it is easier to suppress their feelings, refusing to acknowledge that their situation is difficult or overwhelming.  However, doing this will soon catch up to you, ultimately leading to a breakdown (which may even lead to health problems for you). Guilt, grief and frustration are all natural feelings. Instead of wondering if this means you resent the family member you are caring for, it is important to understand that everybody experiences these feelings too.

2) Ask for help.  trying to do it all, can lead to becoming overwhelmed. Being a caregiver you usually go above and beyond to help the person you are caring for because you build such a tight bond. However it is important to have a defined list of duties as a caregiver that you must do and ask for a hand if it ever gets to be too much to handle. Delegate responsibilities to others who are willing to help, and remember that they offered. You may be surprised at how willing others are to pitch in when you need it most. The support and care of others is encouraging, and refreshes you when you feel discouraged.

3) Feng shui your home. Feng shui lends a sense of peace and tranquility to your home, and may even relieve the stresses of your role as a caregiver. Many people may not think of this, or dismiss it as being unhelpful, but the results of incorporating feng shui into your home are very promising. An important aspect of feng shui for your home is incorporating a water fountain in your home decor. Water has naturally soothing properties. Be sure to also represent the other elements of feng shui as well: wood, fire, earth and metal. These can be easily included in your home decor, either through simply painting your walls a different color or selecting specific home decor accessories. Fire can be represented through scented candles with essential oils, while earth can be represented by various plants.

There are dozens of resources online and in books that help with the roles of caregivers. By making your home more comfortable, many of your stresses and anxieties can be relieved.

About the author:

Tara Heath is a journalist who loves to write about health and wellness, especially for the elderly community. She currently volunteers at an assisted living center where she gets input from caregivers and the elderly being care for that inspires her writing.