Costs of Dementia Care Sky Rocketing

What is dementiaDementia costs are rising as the baby boomers age. Long-term care costs now exceed cancer and heart disease combined!

The Statistics

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published significant data about just how much Dementia costs us. Not surprising, as we are now paying attention to the growing numbers of older adults and tracking treatment and disease cost  with more interest than ever.  According to this article on CNN’s website, long term care pricing will likely be double by the year 2040. Federal efforts to track and understand how to manage these costs have been increasing  and in 2011 President Obama  signed into law the National Alzheimer’s Project Act , which aims in part to track the costs of dementia for government and society.

What does that mean for us now?

1. If you are an aging person, or advocate for one, consider your current resources and schedule an appointment with an accountant and attorney: they can best advise you of financial expenditures and planning going forward.

2. If you are a Boomer, consider financial/insurance products that insure your dollars will go to best use: whether in an asset-based long-term care policy or financial accounts that have flexibility and guaranteed returns. Because we are living longer, it is imperative to consult a financial advisor to help plan for a comfortable future.

3. If you are an elder advocate, consider meeting with a skilled Care Director like ElderCompass to prioritize and align a plan that makes sense for your particular circumstances.

Don’t wait until there is a crisis! Planning ahead is imperative to get positive results and insure wellness and financial peace of mind as you experience the changes aging brings.