Get Started

Getting Started With ElderCompass Is Easy

Older Couple LighthouseStep 1:

Complete the payment information.

Elder Care Plan

Step 2:

Upon payment, the ElderCompass Geriatric Assessment Profile (GAP) will then be provided for you to complete.

Step 3:

Gather the information/papers/ lists you may keep together regarding your Elder. Having this beforehand will save you time when completing the questions. Our clients tell us they feel a sense of relief and empowerment just by gathering this information! Don’t worry if you don’t all have the answers or required data at first, you can always save and come back later.

Step 4:

Once the GAP is completed, click on submit to send the completed assessment to ElderCompass clinicians. Please allow 72 hours for us to complete your ElderCompass Navigation Plan. The plan will be returned via email unless otherwise specified; if you would like to use fax or conventional U.S. Postal Service, we will be happy to accommodate your requests.

What if I don’t know the answers to some of the questions?

The information requested is complex and will be key to our success in providing you with a tool that is effective. Please consider communicating with those who may be providing support for your Elder if you do not know the answers to assessment profile questions.

Note: The most accurate assessment information will yield the most useful ElderCompass Navigation Plan.