For Professionals

How ElderCompass Assists Professionals

for-professionalsAs professionals, you want to make decisions and referrals that will provide the best outcomes.

At ElderCompass, we understand the importance of staying abreast of current trends, treatment, and regulations in healthcare. Each eldercare professional has more than 20 years of clinical experience and the insight to guide you and your Elder toward optimal results.

Best practices are considered with each clinically-based ElderCompass Navigation Plan. All clinicians participate in hands-on nursing roles in various settings to maintain our skill set. We value the insights that we continue to acquire by caring for the rising senior population.

Professional affiliations

ElderCompass staff members belong to the following professional organizations:

Dear ElderCompass- thank you for being so wonderful. I will never forget the day you responded to our family’s cry for help. Working and being 45 minutes away from my mom when she needed me, hurt to the core. I remembered you saying, “Just call if you need us.” Well, I called you and you descended like an Angel. After calming Mom and getting her settled, rather than slipping out of the house and going back to your life, your caregiver stayed with her until I flew across town. I will be forever grateful to you for assistance with interim planning and responding as you did and for your inquires about Mom’s status. You offered a shoulder to cry on numerous times, not to mention the helpful phone consultations. Thanks be to God for all that you do. For us and for others. In admiration and appreciation.

Candy, Birmingham, MI

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