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Step One: Why Hire A Senior Care Director?

Prioritizes health & illness issues needing immediate & long term attention
Identifies environmental safety issues & provides solutions for home accessibility, modification & equipment
Aligns and communicates with team of providers: physicians, advocates, care givers & elder
Initiates medication maintenance, safety & compliance
Explains medical & long-term insurance definitions/differences & explains legal advocacy issues/paperwork
Utilizes community benefits, resources & prepares for emergencies
Simplifies elder advocacy; personal paperwork, bill pay & communication for long-distance caregivers
Assists with down-sizing, de-cluttering, & moves to retirement & assisted living communities
Discusses end-of-life issues/options & guides advanced or actual funeral planning

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Step Three: Choose The Best Elder Care For Your Situation!

We Offer Three Levels of Service

In-home Visit

Click Here 3D Blue Button On White Background1. Elder Care Online Plan Only

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