Phone Consultation

We simplify your search for elder care services. Obtain useful and real-time tools in an easy-to-read Navigation Plan and save the time it takes to research all the options. When decisions have to be made quickly and can have significant impact on elders and those who care for them, we offer practical information to address care challenges. Your elder will have increased safety, and you will have increased peace of mind.

With an over-the-phone consultation you will connect with an experienced elder care specialist. A Registered Geriatric Nurse with in-depth knowledge of the complex systems of health care, insurance, financial/legal, and housing options, will help you navigate resources.

The Process:

A family member, caregiver and or advocate may contact us via phone, Skype or Google Hangout (best for multiple caregivers in various locations) and discuss caregiver concerns by way of a guided interview.

Nancy Marten Elder Compass FounderWe will:

  • Ask about your specific elder situation
  • Help determine if an assessment is needed
  • Provide community resources
  • Offer emotional support
  • Give educational information
  • Assist with navigating the complexities of caring for another
  • Save on the increasing cost of elder care
  • Lower the stress of dealing with daily elder care responsibilities.

Compare Online Plan, Phone Consultation & In-Home Services here.

Elder Care Plan

Call (248) 952-8180 today for your phone consultation, where an elder care specialist will answer questions and discuss your immediate needs. We create a step by step written and prioritized care plan that will empower the care team and give peace of mind that your elder is well-tended.

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