Frequently Ask Questions about ElderCompass and Elder Care.

1. What is included in the Navigation Plan?

A questionairre about the following areas: Safety, Medical, Financial, Legal and Lifestyle. After you submit the information, we will review and offer suggestions to help with these areas. The Navigation Plan prioritizes clearly-identified action items designed to immediately meet the Elder’s care needs. We provide recommendations for you and your Elder to follow as a guide to increase their safety and wellness.

2. How long does it take to get a completed plan once I order or meet with a nurse?

Once you have completed the Geriatric Assessment Profile (GAP) questionnaire, we review content and send it back to you within 72 hours. We know that this information is urgent for you and your family and will do our best to get to your plan as soon as possible.

3. What is the ElderCompass Geriatric Assessment Profile (GAP)?

This a clinically-based and comprehensive assessment with questions based on your Elder’s safety, health, and lifestyle. The answers are utilized to formulate the customized and prioritized ElderCompass Navigation Plan.

4. How do I access the online GAP?

Upon payment, the GAP will be provided for you to complete online. You cannot access the GAP questionnaire without agreement with the ElderCompass terms and conditions.

5. Is my Elder’s medical privacy protected?

Your data is completely confidential and is never shared. No personally identifiable information is required for the completion of the online GAP and the Navigation Plan. The Advocate/Caregiver data you share with ElderCompass is protected.

6. How should I answer the GAP questions for my Elder?

Completely and to the best of your knowledge, answer the questions. Please be sure to answer the questions based on the here-and-now status of your Elder. Current and accurate information is imperative to provide you with a useful and purposeful ElderCompass Navigation Plan. It may be tempting to answer the questions based on how you or your Elder wishes they may be functioning, not how they really are or what they may be currently capable of doing.

7. Can you come to our home for a geriatric assessment?

Yes, we are happy to come to your home and do a one-on-one visit with you, any other advocates and the senior. And provide information to you verbally and written about our suggestions for your Elder.

8. Will you visit with the doctor or hospital?

Yes, we have attended Doctors visits or gone to medical facilities and/or hospitals before patients are released.

9. What do I do after I get the plan?

Begin making suggested changes and contacting resources to ensure care is given immediately.

10. Do you provide next steps of where I should go to get more information or resources?

Yes, we provide a detailed report of next steps for an Elder advocate to make regarding their specific situations.

11. Do I need to update the plan? How often?

We recommend every 3-6 months and after any serious health issues are found.

12. How do I make an appointment for a home visit?

Go to our Contact Us page and either complete the form or call us.

13. What are your qualifications?

Please see our About Us page to learn more about ElderCompass and our credentials.

14. How are you different from other plans?

The ElderCompass Navigation Plan is much more customized and is a holistic approach to Elder care than other plans. In addition, our plans are UNBIASED, easy to read, very organized and prioritized.

15. Does a plan make a difference in health of seniors?

There are many studies that suggest that a senior care plan can help your Elder stay out of the hospital and live a better quality of life. A well executed plan may also prevent or delay complications.

16. How much does the ElderCompass Navigation Plan cost?

For a modest fee of $195,  you will receive your customized Navigation Plan based on the data provided in the online GAP questionnaire.  Our geriatric professionals will provide a senior care plan specifically for your Elder. If you want to have an In-Home Visit, with the GAP Questionnaire and plan the total cost is $595.

 17. How do I order the Navigation Plan?

Simply click here to get started right away.

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