7 Easy Steps To Help Your Elder

senior financial documentsAs an elder advocate and or caregiver, there are simple things you can do to make sure your elder receives timely and quality care. Being an advocate includes planning ahead and being prepared to make decisions on behalf of your elder. Consider obtaining legal advocacy documents called Power of Attorney for Health and a separate one for Finance, if you do not yet have them.

Visit us again next week as we discuss legal advocacy in more detail and important conversations to have with your elder that are crucial to maintaining their wishes.

7 Easy Steps To Help Your Elder:

1. Gather important documents.  

Prepare your own “face sheet” that includes: Complete full name, (and maiden name if applicable), date of birth, Social Security Number, home address, types of insurance [Medicare, Medicare Supplements, Long term Care, Life Insurance etc.] and all contract numbers. To protect identity, keep this information in a secure place.

2. Record.

All current and recent treating physician contact information, as well as hospitals and/or rehabilitation centers where care may have been received.

3. Make copies.

Driver’s license or state identification card, Medicare card, and any other supplemental insurance cards. Again, keep this information in a secure place.

4. Obtain and sign HIPPA (Health Information Privacy Protection Act) forms.

Sign these with your elder, from medical offices so you can communicate about health-related information.

5.  Gather contact and account information.

Banks, investment firms, and credit unions- remember to secure this information to maintain security.

6. Contact.

Insurance agents and inform them you are advocating for your elder.

7. Complete a medication list.

This should include all names, time, dose, indication of medication.

Being prepared can make elder care that much easier,  in times of crisis especially.

Join us next week as we continue the advocacy conversation. Plan ahead so any health situation can be managed and you can be available to provide support efficiently.

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