June is Senior’s Month

June is Senior's MonthWhat is Senior’s Month?

Seniors’ Month is an annual nation-wide celebration

When is Senior’s Month?

Seniors’ Month is June 1 – 30, 2013

Why Celebrate Senior’s Month?

Seniors have contributed and continue to contribute immensely to the life and vibrancy of our communities. Seniors continue to serve as leaders, mentors, volunteers and important and active members of this world. Their contributions past and present warrant appreciation and recognition and their stories deserve to be told. The  health and well-being of seniors is in the interest of all and further adds to the health and well-being of our communities. The knowledge and experience seniors pass on to us continues to benefit us all.

Celebrating Seniors’ Month has become a fantastic way of giving something back to them.We cannot forget these critical people who will need our care and attention.

Check your local community centers, libraries and services for events around your city that will help educate and have fun.



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